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Aragon Signature Designs has been producing handcrafted, custom designed, fine furniture for over 30 years. Originally based in Southern Alabama, Fernando Aragon, founder and owner, saw an American Heritage disappearing and was determined to preserve it. That heritage was Southern Heart Pine much of which grew in the Ancient Forests in the state of Alabama. Those pristine forests were tragically decimated by the turn of the twentieth century. They were replaced by forests of pulpwood pine trees grown for paper mills. In among these 'modern' forests stand the decaying remains of homes and shacks which were built from the gorgeous Heart Pine of long ago. Fernando knew that these homes were the only window for a glimpse into America's east coast's legendary treasure. He began to purchase these relics to preserve the beauty, character and integrity of this valuable wood by creating signature custom pieces of furniture. Upon learning that only 4-5% of America's old growth forests are still standing, Fernando's passion for preserving heritage wood grew to embrace the West Coast treasures of California & Oregon. Here, too, he handcrafts these gems into heirloom pieces to be passed on and cherished. His personalized works of art have accomplished this purpose and have become

Aragon Signature Designs.

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