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Our New Commitment

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Aragon Signature Designs has always been about sustainability and preservation. Unexpectedly, though, the West coast fires of recent years have caused this commitment take on a new meaning.

It began with our being touched by families who, as a result of their tragic losses due to the fires, asked us to have a small part in helping them rebuild their lives. We have been, and continue to be, honored to work with them as they heal, as they recover. Their experiences are heartbreaking but their resilience, faith strengthening. We thank them for their trust, we thank them for their fortitude.

Then on September 8, 2020, the Almeda Fire swept through our community, striking thousands within minutes with bewildering loss. It was not the only fire that late summer to decimate thousands and thousands of acres, lasting into the fall. It seemed all of Oregon was on fire, that the blazes would never end. Finally, though, a welcomed winter came, and we could, again, breathe.

The spring of 2021 revealed the devastation of the surrounding forests, mile after mile, acre after acre. Torched, lifeless trees were being cut down by the hundreds. It was then our commitment took on the "new meaning". Stunned by the loss, the devastation... the impact, of what we saw and had experienced, our passion for environmental sustainability took on new significance. Our commitment had been to the preservation of old growth reclaimed wood, sourced from dated buildings being torn down. Now though we realized we must embrace the preservation, the safeguarding, the keeping of these once beautiful stately trees. Our passion has grown.... our commitment has grown. A new meaning.

We now, proudly, source timber cut from these charred forests, mill them ourselves and include them as part of our heritage woods to be handcrafted into works of art. The very works of art that so many of you have entrusted us to create for over 3 decades. We are excited to share our new endeavor with you knowing our passion is your passion, our heritage is your heritage. We thank you.

From our heritage to yours, we are Aragon Signature Designs.

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